I am a contemporary gestalt psychotherapist. This means that we work in a relational, present and mindful manner to address your needs. Gestalt psychotherapy is a holistic and humanistic approach. It is embodied, experiential and relational.

In individual psychotherapy we explore the terrain of your life. We do this first by heightening awareness of how you are currently living and clarifying what is working for you and what you want to change. In therapeutic conversation, we pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, sensations and behaviors.

With my support, we use your growing awareness of yourself as ground for taking experimental steps in new enlivening directions.

This process leads toward resolution, change and growth. Further, you learn to apply this therapy process of awareness and experimentation on your own.

You bring to our work all that you know about yourself. I bring my training and experience. Our working relationship is important, so we begin your individual psychotherapy by simply meeting one another. Our first session will focus on the experience of working together, and our mutual sense of what working together might look like. 

Group Therapy affords you the opportunity to be helped and to help others. Participants benefit from the therapist’s professional expertise as well as the lived experience shared by other members of the group. Group Therapy is a rich and effective way of working on oneself.

Group therapy allows you to work through many issues, especially those issues related to how you interact with others. A group has the benefit of being akin to “real” social life, with its diversity of members and relational styles.

I work in an interactive, gestalt group therapy model. Groups can have from 4-8 people. Some are time bound for several months and others are ongoing.

The first step to joining a group is to meet one-on-one with the me. We'll evaluate together how a particular group may meet your needs.

Here is a sampling of group work I have offered:
Group Therapy for All: A mixed group of folks working together.
Themed Groups, including:
Gay Men’s Group Therapy (All Ages)
Gestalt Group For Helping Professionals

Please contact me through the contact page of this website for further info.